Friday, 8 February 2013

Weekly Inspirations #4

In my Notebook This Week

Lengthen the chain. This came from a post on The Bookshelf Muse. The post talks about the way in which your writing can affect the lives of those who read it and in turn affect others who are touched in some way by that reader. But my big take away from the post was the way in which one small detail can have an affect on the plot and be significant further down the line, sort of like sliding doors or the butterfly effect concept and this is a reminder to make more use of that technique.

Mix the everyday with the sinister. This came from reading a blog post Jungle Red Writers about creating Hitchcock moments. I strongly recommend reading the post. I wrote this down as a reminder to myself that if I am wanting to create a feeling of unease I need to use everyday objects that are slightly off in some way. The examples given in the post are a phone that is off the hook, a car seat that has been adjusted, a light on in an attic room that is never used. All of these point to something being wrong and are all things that we can all relate to, we know how it would make us feel, so we feel the unease without it having to be spelled out.
Surprise package. On Wednesday I received a parcel when I had not been expecting anything. As it turns out it was a replacement for some faulty items I had returned a while back. But, it got me thinking about what could be sent through the post unexpectedly. The whole 'body parts being posted' thing has been done to death but what about a murder weapon? You open up a parcel and take out the contents, putting your fingerprints on it. A short while later, acting on an anonymous tip off, the police arrive and search your house, finding the murder weapon they have been looking for you are arrested for murder.

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