Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Are You up to The A to Z Challenge?

Back in 2010 I remember reading about a brand new challenge in the blogging world; the A to Z Challenge. It looked so good that I was tempted to start a blog right then and there so that I could take part, but I let fear get in the way. Three years later, and with the 4th A to Z Challenge due to start in April, I am finally in a position to take part.

What is it?

Started by Arlee Bird from Tossing Out, the A to Z Challenge is exactly what it sounds like. For the month of April, all the blogs that have signed up to the challenge will endeavour to post every day (with Sunday's off), using the next letter of the alphabet as the theme for the post. So on Monday the 1st the post would be about something starting with the letter A, on Tuesday it will be letter B and so on.

As well as posting daily, those taking part also pledge to visit at least five other participating blogs each day, this way everyone will gain new readers and find new connections.

How can you take part?

Head on over to and add your name and blog to the linky list. You have until the start of April to sign up but you will get a whole lot more out of it by signing up now. All those signed up are already making an effort to visit other blogs on the list and start making connections and new friends now, not just in April. If you don't have a blog but still want to be involved you can bookmark the list and make an effort to visit the some of the blogs and leave comments to show your support. You can also follow what is happening on Twitter by following @AprilA2Z or searching for #atozchallenge.

How can I come up with so many post ideas?

That was my first question. I was a little worried at first that I would struggle to come up with something for each letter, especially those tricky ones like x and z. But fear not, it was actually pretty easy and within less than an hour I had more ideas than I needed; between 3 and 13 for each letter! I know, no-one was more surprised by that than me. All I did was pick up a small thesaurus that had been free with a writing magazine I'd bought ages ago and gathering dust on a shelf ever since. I flicked through the section for each letter in turn and jotted down any words that would apply to writing advice. For example, for the letter A I wrote down ability, accept (yourself), achieve, acquire (skills), advice (from the greats), and attitude. I don't know which one of those I will use yet but I am sure you can see how each one of those can (and will) be turned into a post at some point. If you don't own a thesaurus or dictionary there are plenty available online. You could even just type 'words beginning with the letter x' into a search engine and see what comes up.

How about you? Are you taking part this year? Have you decided what to write about yet? If so, how did you come up with your ideas? Or maybe you are a veteran A to Z Challenger and can give us all some words of advice or encouragement. We'd love to hear from you.


  1. Hello Alana,
    great post thank you! I also signed up and have a theme in mind and bits of paper all around with headings ...
    Sadly I messed up in terms of the name I wanted for my blog - which can't of course be changed.
    When I get down to the coast next week for a week, I'll be asking my son to help me with links etc - and other details to do with the A-Z.
    I'll also be looking to see if I can do the blogs in good time and keep them in a draft folder and publish on the day ...
    All best for yours!

    1. Thanks Susan. I came up with ideas for each letter so quickly I was sure I would be able to have all the posts written well in advance and all I would have to do is press publish each day. Unfortunately life gets in the way and so far I haven't written a single one and now April is getting very close, I'm going to have to get my finger out!
      Good luck to you too, I'll be sure to drop by the blog and check it out.