Friday, 1 February 2013

Weekly Inspirations #3

In My Notebook This Week

Barking Dogs - I was woken up in the middle of the night but my two Staffordshire Bull Terriers barking the house down. It was really windy outside and I could hear a can rattling down the road so I think that was the cause. Without really thinking about it I ran down the stairs and told them off before they woke my son up, the last thing I needed was a cranky three year old at 2am. Although all was well I realised the next day I had done what you scream at the stupid women in horror films not to do. What if there had been an intruder? Could make a good (if slightly cliched) start to a story.

Angry Kids - Talking with one of the other moms after dropping my son at pre-school I found out that a kid had told his friend that if he didn't do as he wanted he was going to cut his ear off with a pair of scissors and squish his eyes out. They are 3yrs old! Now, I know both of these kids and they are usually the best of friends and well behaved (as well behaved as any three year old boy can be, which probably on reflection isn't very). But it got me thinking about a story told from the POV of a little boy who has turned into a bully. It would start off showing him at school picking on other kids and then going home and receiving the same treatment from his family and thinking that this was normal. I must point out that the little boy at my sons pre-school is not a bully and his parents are fantastic, it just sparked an idea.

Stitches - I currently have stitches after some very minor surgery last week so they have been on my mind a lot. One thought that keeps running round my head is the idea of a woman waking up with stitches and not knowing how or what has happened. After being checked out at the hospital they either discover that her attacker has left something behind inside her (memory stick?), or that her womb or ovaries have been removed. Someone is going round and preventing those he deems unfit mothers from having any more children. I'm thinking I could turn this one into a good novel with a serial killer but I need to let the idea percolate a while longer and tease out the details. Plus, there is the small matter of my current novel needing to be finished first.

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