Friday, 10 May 2013

Weekly Inspirations #12

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Here is a round-up of my favourite links from the past week. Have a great weekend.

Dream a Little Dreamleton The Write Angle via

22 of the Best Quotes on Writing Evervia Positive Writer

Should You Maintain the Same POV Distance Throughout the Novel? via

what we talk about when we talk about purpose via

Fixing a Bad Beginning and Pacing Mysteries (and Probably Other Genres, too)via

Quotes on Writing: Maya Angelou via

How To Maximize Your Word Count And Write More Every Day « terribleminds: via

You Will Never Amount To Anything via First Today, Then Tomorrow Inspiration for us all

How to Rise Above the Struggle of Becoming a Creative Professional | Positive Writer

Chapter Anatomy via

That is the Questionvia Writer Unboxed

Writing Journal: The Struggle to Write via


  1. These look great! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Sarah, and you're welcome. I hope you find something interesting :)