Monday, 20 May 2013

The Creative Rebellion Pledge

I am suffering from the mother of all migraines and also have a sick child to look after so I am going to give myself a break and not write a post myself today. However, so that you haven't have a wasted trip I am going to give you the link to a very cool post that I read over the weekend by Justine Musk. If you don't already follow Justine on twitter and on her blog then I suggest you sign up right away. Here's the link:

You do hereby swear to engage in acts of creative rebellion

Let me know if you take the pledge, I have and found it very inspiring and motivating.


  1. I hope you guys feel better soon. I get migraines too. They aren't fun at all :(
    Simply Sarah

  2. Lara, Nana and Sarah, I'm glad to say I am feeling much better now. Thank you for all your kind wishes.

  3. Creative rebellion is the new respectability: