Friday, 29 March 2013

Weekly Inspirations #11

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Here is a round-up of all the links that I have tweeted this week. Have a great weekend.


Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin: Yes, I Need to Write Faster via

Good advice RT How to avoid the dreaded adverb:

3 tips to inspire you - syndicated from via

How Storytelling Is Like Tantric Sex via

Writing - Old vs New via

Word count per day. Everyone’s different. What’s your target?  via @lawrence_wray

"7 Great Writing Tips For Bloggers" | |  via @GeoffTalbot

Writing - Find The Ones Who Will via

Writing Game #13 - Salted Chocolate Peanuts via

A Series of Series via

Writing Game #14 - Five Synopses via

Friday's How She Does It with Meg Benjamin via

3 Tips To Help You Contact Book Reviewers via  via @RachelintheOC

Why Not Blogging Is Stupid by aka Rachel Thompson // what do you think?

The Fifth Commandment: Know Thy Worth What we can learn from the alligator  via @A_K_Taylor

Writing - The Lombardi Method via

Writing - Credentials via

17 Links I Loved To Pieces via

Check out Jenna Storm's Fantastic Forty Interview on Jane Wakely's blog via

Tuesday's Inspiration ala Helen Van Slyke via

The Key to Successful Storytelling via

4 Questions To Consider When Deciding Whether To Traditionally Publish Or Self-Publish via

Writing A Novel - Final Creative Piece: Blurb Outline and First 500 Words via

Writing Game #15 - Wacky Places via

The Absolute of Writing via


Creativity requires the courage 2 let go of certainties. Eric Fromm via @pauljsmith

Writers and artists are magicians. They have a real magic wand to conjure up images in the mind's eye @KhaledTalib

For some writers, a nightmare can be a good thing @KhaledTalib

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